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by lunarg on August 3rd 2016, at 18:18

A very good guide on how to configure your Aerohive wireless network to use RADIUS authentication to authenticate users against a Windows Active Directory, and setting network access (VLAN) based on their group membership:

by lunarg on May 26th 2016, at 12:25

Found this very handy WEP key convertor online (HEX to ASCII and back):

by lunarg on May 8th 2015, at 13:16

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 may not find or be able to connect to a specific 5Ghz wireless network, you may want to check which channel the network is operating on. The S5 has problems when trying to connect to DFS-channels (Dynamic Frequency Selection).

DFS-channels are basically every channel from channel 52 and up. Try setting your AP to a channel between 36-48 (inc.), and then try reconnecting your S5.

by lunarg on June 25th 2014, at 14:10

A very interesting read about Wi-Fi implementations and its pitfalls in larger deployments, in particular about the usage of channels and the importance of channel plans.

showing posts tagged with 'wifi'
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