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A summary of this year's soaring camp, well, sort of...

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It's getting closer and closer to Albatros's Soaring camp 2010, and the places are getting filled up as the days go by. If you're still interesting in joining this year's camp, you should hurry up as there aren't a lot of places left. If you're even remotely into flying and want to have two weeks of flying fun, along with one hell of a camp with a great atmosphere, this is your chance. Click on the image to get more information; while the site's in Dutch, you can use the contact form (link at the bottom-right) to get all the info in English.

The soaring camp takes place from Juli 12th until July 25th at the airfield (EBZH) at Kiewit, Hasselt (Belgium). Meals  ...
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Soaring club Albatros (EBZH) has organized an online competition in the soaring flightsim Condor. In this competition, participants have to fly a set of tasks where they have to try and get the highest score by obtaining the highest average speed.

There are seven tasks in the Provence, set out of Vinon. The other seven tasks are all based in Slovenia (the default scenery of Condor). The tasks prove to be a mix of flying by thermals, and a good deal of ridge flying. For each task, up to three tries are possible. The best of three count as the final result for a given task.

Results of the competition can be found here:

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Happy New Year to all!

2010 promises to be a year full of promises. Although the financial crisis rages on, this year should be a year of opportunities, and plain neat things.
Like a lot of people, I have a few objectives set out for the next year, in various categories.

One of the more important aspects in my life at the moment is of course my hobby: soaring at soaring club Albatros (EBZH, Hasselt Belgium).
This year's objectives are:

Obtaining a radio license (required to officially operate a radio). I'm currently following a course at the soaring club; one of the instructors works at the traffic control for the Belgian Army on the Pampa Shooting Range (a shooting range   ...
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Merry Christmas to all!

Here in Belgium, it may not be the fairytale Christmas we were expecting (it's raining, and snow is melting fast), but that doesn't spoil the fun of unwrapping presents, having a nice meal, and gathering with family.

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Soaring club Albatros received the unique opportunity to present its beloved sport of soaring at the open house day of Sabena Flight Academy on December 5th.

Albatros was already recommended by SFA as one of two clubs where future candidates for ATPL/CPL training would be able to follow a pre-entry training course of soaring. This would allow candidates to learn the basics of flying before actually starting the complete training.


To recommend this training course to all interested candidates, we were present with a full professional booth. And we can honestly say soaring got quite some attention.

As thanks, we also manage to score some simulator time in a Airbus A320 sim.

Pic  ...
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The 33rd Sanicole Airshow 2009 can definitely be called a success! An estimated 35 000 visitors came to the airfield of Hechtel to witness the yearly airshow held there. An absolute record, so it seems.

Some highlights of the show were: the Vulcan, Patrouille Suisse, and the Blades, the latter which threw in a bonus for the audience, as they flew in a never-seen formation with a Boeing 737 from Jetair. Additionally, this year's show teamed up with the international NATO Tiger Meet.


It's on this succesful airshow where Albatros, along with two other soaring clubs from Limburg (province of Belgium), presented the Liga van Vlaamse Zweefvliegclubs.

The three clubs have joined forces  ...
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This summer, Albatros (the soaring club I'm flying at), is organizing a soaring flight camp. This camp is for both people that haven't flown yet, but would like to experience something totally different, as well as for the more experienced pilots, who which to further hone their skills.

The camp takes place from 14th of July 'til 21st of July. Registration is required.

More information and registration:

If you're not interested, but know someone who might, please refer them to the website. Sympathisers can download the PDF (contains the flyer) and distribute it. Thanks in advance for your support.

Note that the site   ...
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Last weekend was another edition of Schempp-Hirth day. Schempp-Hirth is a German builder of gliders, and for several years now, they lend us some of their machines to get a feeling of the latest innovations and a bit of the future in the gliding world...

This year's machines were most interesting, to say the least:

The DuoDiscus XL is the bigger successor of the DuoDiscus X, a flyer for two, with a wing span of a dazzling 20 meters. The XL has all the aspects of the X, but its cockpit has grown significantly in size, allowing for larger persons to fly in it as well. Several other improvements have been made for a better flying comfort.
The XL we had is currently the only glider of its type  ...
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Next weekend - sat 25th and sun 26th Aug - you will be able to visit the airport of Kiewit, Hasselt for the open house of my glider club Albatros. You will be able to see what gliding is actually all about: visit the airport, see the gliders, and even fly with one of our skilled pilots: an event well worth visiting...

For more information, visit their site (website in Dutch).

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