by lunarg on January 3rd 2010, at 20:35

Happy New Year to all!

2010 promises to be a year full of promises. Although the financial crisis rages on, this year should be a year of opportunities, and plain neat things.
Like a lot of people, I have a few objectives set out for the next year, in various categories.


One of the more important aspects in my life at the moment is of course my hobby: soaring at soaring club Albatros (EBZH, Hasselt Belgium).
This year's objectives are:

  • Obtaining a radio license (required to officially operate a radio). I'm currently following a course at the soaring club; one of the instructors works at the traffic control for the Belgian Army on the Pampa Shooting Range (a shooting range for the 10W tactical, stationed at Kleine-Brogel (EBBR)), and for a few years now, he teaches members of the club in the way of properly using a radio.
    The exam takes place in Brussels, and succeeding it provides an official, international license.
  • Obtaining a passenger license; at the moment, I'm not allowed to take passengers with me. To get the license, I'll need 50 hours of solo flight time (I'm currently at 44h), and a passenger check by an instructor. When I succeed, I'll be allowed to take passengers with me in two seated gliders (obviously).
  • Starting (and perhaps finishing) my cross-country flight training; this will allow me to perform cross-country flights by soaring, and participating in soaring contests, and in the official (Flemish) Charron ranking.

Nothing fancy planned, although there are a few projects in the next month planned. Let's hope they go as flawless as possible (but, of course, with a healthy amount of effort). Anyway, if they go well, we might see a whole lot more work coming during the year.


Plain and simple: keep it running, and regularly posting new stuff. And additionally:

  • The bugs that are still present should be kicked out. There are some scripting issues that aren't completely cross-browser compatible. And there's also some visual artefacts (one thing that comes to mind is the layout of the gallery).
  • Perhaps, a few new features built in. The latter is not for the first half of the year though: soaring and the website of the soaring club will take up quite some time.
  • I will take the time to write blog posts and galleries though. That's the beginning of a good website, anyways, and was one of the conditions I set for myself when I started with this new version of Black Manticore.
Sooooo... In a nutshell?

Basically, having fun should be a priority, but not at the cost of others, of course. And furthermore, keep it safe (especially in the skies).

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