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by lunarg on November 18th 2015, at 12:44

From an IT management point-of-view, Google Chrome does not play nice: users that have limited rights on the computer system they work on (a standalone computer or on a Terminal server) can simply install Google Chrome without an admin's consent, totally bypassing any kind of approval. Luckily, this can be countered by setting up software restrictions through a group policy.

I found this article explaining how:

by lunarg on July 7th 2015, at 16:42

Clear Cache for Google Chrome is a browser extension for Google Chrome which adds a clear cache button on the address bar. This configurable button allows to quickly and without prompting clear browser data, such as cache, cookies, history, and more.

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by lunarg on January 27th 2015, at 14:28

Google Chrome v39 introduces a new Avatar menu, which is now permanently displayed at the top-right corner of each window.

The only way to get rid of it is through the "experimental" flags. Type the following in the address bar to reveal the flag:


Set it to Disabled to turn it off, then restart Chrome entirely to apply the changes.

Note that this also works under Mac and linux.

showing posts tagged with 'chrome'
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