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by lunarg on May 13th 2015, at 17:39

A look at the throughput graph clearly showed a drop to almost zero around 12:20 UTC+2:

by lunarg on May 13th 2015, at 15:39

A temporary outage on the AMS-IX internet backbone caused an extended outage of internet traffic across Netherlands.


Dear Tech-L subscribers,

Today Wednesday 13/05/2015 at 12:20 UTC+2 an installation engineer working on the PE under maintenance in EQUINIX AM3, while testing one of the newly installed 100GE modules, accidentally placed a loop on the ISP peering VLAN.


The loop caused a high CPU on all backbone and customer modules resulting in many BGP sessions dropping.
The incident lasted 10 minutes.
BGP sessions are restoring.

The situation has normalized again.

showing posts tagged with 'backbone'