by lunarg on August 31st 2008, at 18:39

After a full year of education, I finally got the clearance (well, actually, my instructors basically forced me to do it) to go solo.


The experience of flying all alone is a bit weird at first. Knowing that you don't really have anyone to back you up, gives one a funny feeling. On the other hand, after the funny feelings are gone, there's the feeling of ultimate freedom, flying around in the sky with only you.
The very first flight didn't take long (some 15 minutes or so), but for myself, they were the longest 15 minutes ever (and I mean that in a good way).

A tradition among soaring pilots is the not-so-all-famous initiation ceremonial ritual thingy. All trainees who have flown their first solo get initiated this way. I'll not go into too much details, because that would spoil it for those that have yet to undergo it.


The fun part of it all was that my solo took place at the yearly open house of the club, and it got a lot of looks from visitors (especially the initiation thingy).

Now that I'm solo, the next step would be the actual soaring license. Joy!