by lunarg on September 4th 2015, at 12:04

If your management servers have their System Center Data Access Service (SDK/DAS service) running as a domain service account, you may get the following error each time the management server(s) or SDK/DAS service is restarted, even though all SPNs are correctly registered:

Alert Description
Source: Data Access Service -
Full Path Name: SCOM01.contoso.comData Access Service -
Alert Rule: Data Access Service SPN Registration
Created: 26/08/2015 15:43:06

The System Center Data Access service failed to register an SPN. A domain admin needs to add MSOMSdkSvc/SCOM01 and MSOMSdkSvc/ to the servicePrincipalName of CN=SCOM01,OU=Users,DC=contoso,DC=com

This alert occurs regardless of the existence of all the required SPNs (how to check?). When the SDK/DAS service starts up, it checks whether the MSOMSdkSvc/SCOM01 and MSOMSdkSvc/ are present on the computer account (CONTOSO\SCOM01), which of course, is not correct!

As such, this alert is technically a bug. Your best bet is to ignore this alert, or create an override for it.

This alert will not appear if the SDK/DAS service is running as LOCAL SYSTEM account.

This article contains fictional account and server names. Be sure to replace them according to whatever names you have running!