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edited by on July 22nd 2007, at 18:20

The move is as good as completed. I still have to clean up several stuff and such, and there are still some things that have to be moved out (like my father's encyclopedia).

The moving chapter is pretty much finished, well, accept the clean up of course. I'll post a picture as soon as I get there.

edited by on July 13th 2007, at 18:10
Because of my move, I had need of a media PC system, which allowed me to watch TV, record from TV, watch DVDs, listen to music and more. Buying a pc with Windows Media Center was not an option: linux has very wonderful applications and utilities to build such a sytem. For hardware, I had an old pc which I used as a server, but because of the wonderful capabilities of VMware, I decided to convert the machine to a so-called Media PC.

To contribute my efforts to the community, I decided to create some sort of a guide. It is not a real how-to, but rather the steps I took to get things running, along with descriptions and solutions to caveats and problems I encountered.
The guide can be found i  ...
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Some more intermediate shots of my own move...

More photos will be found in the gallery (if it ever gets finished, that is).

edited by on July 2nd 2007, at 21:14

My brother Kurt moved out this weekend. His house is finally finished, or at least, just up to the point it is liveable.
Since we shared a room, you can believe I'm happy to finally have the Kingdom for myself. The reconstruction (so to speak) has already begun...

Attached are the very first photo's, in the very early stage of the reconstruction.
This part pretty much shows my soon-to-be-my bed. Most of the old cupboards and closets have already been thrown out; you can see the markings on the walls and such.

edited by on July 2nd 2007, at 21:02
Well, isn't this great... Thought I had a quiet weekend (well, relatively quiet, read the next post), with a bit of gaming and such. But apparently, my oh-so-wonderful water-cooled video card thought otherwise.

Twas Friday afternoon: I booted up my pc. Although it was a bit more silent than usually, I discarded it as being the bit cold weather of these days.
Thought it would be neat to do a bit of retro-gaming, and fired up the old Half-Life 1...

About two minutes in the game, alarms and whistles and popups went off, and as the message your card is too hot appeared on the screen, I distinctively shouted out: WTF!
I quickly cranked up the ATI console, and saw an astonashing 113 degrees C !   ...
edited by on March 17th 2007, at 09:39

It will be but a few days before I have both my eyes lasered. Glasses, fare thee well...

The actual operation will be on Thu March 22nd (that's only a few days away), with a checkup the day after (Fri that is). As a result, I still have the weekend to adjust to the new situation; after the weekend, I'm thrown back into the life of work and more work.

The procedure itself is called Lasik (short for LAser In SItu Keratomileusis). More information can be found on the internet or on this site (in Dutch though):

edited by on March 16th 2007, at 17:32

Because of relocation of my webhosting to another server housing, this site (and others on that particular server) will be unavailable.

The relocation is planned on Thu 15th February around 4am. Expected downtime should be about 2 hours (depending on traffic ;-) ).

edited by on February 4th 2007, at 16:03
Thought it was time to do a reinstall of my server/development pc (called Ayanami)...

Since it was more of a hassle to do an update (especially with the gcc update from 3.4 to 4.1), I decided to do a reinstall.
I wiped out my very old 2005.0 install cd, mkfs'ed the / and /boot and downloaded the 2006.1 stage3 and latest portage. Installation went smoothly, and it's currently merging the necessary stuff: Apache2, PHP (apparently Gentoo has moved to PHP5 as the default), MySQL5, etc.
Later on, I'll probably install a desktop environment as well, but haven't really decided whether I stick with KDE, or move to another one. The eventual idea is to get a TV-tuner card (probably some bttv-chipset)  ...
edited by on January 8th 2007, at 21:23
With the life cycle of White Russian coming to an end, and the advancement in development seeming to dry out a bit in favor of Kamikaze, some people have released a rework of WebIf, called WebIf^2 (downloadable at

Currently, the interface only works on White Russian RC5, RC6 and 0.9 (at time of writing not yet released), but they are working on Kamikaze support - the main reason for lack of support is the difference between how configuration is handled between the two major builds.

The new web-interface can be installed without a hitch on your already existing OpenWRT install (provided it's one of the supported releases), and replaces the current WebIf version, with  ...
edited by on January 1st 2007, at 14:21

I said to post some more pictures about our christmas tree, and with presents, so here they are...

A picture of the presents, taken at christmas morning (well, if you can still call 1pm morning).

And of course, after the wonderful meal (I have photos of that as well, but don't want to bore you), the long awaited unwrapping of the presents: happiness all around!


And finally, once again to you all: happy holidays!

edited by on January 1st 2007, at 14:08

Happy new year to you all!!

edited by on December 18th 2006, at 17:04

Christmas in coming up...
Time to set up the tree, and get presents under it...

Here are some pics of this year's tree...


At the moment it's still missing presents.
The pics look a little dark. It's because I took them without flash, which gives it a much better effect, and bring out the little lights a bit more.
Later on, I'll make some more, with flash (and hopefully with some presents under it ;) ).

edited by on December 3rd 2006, at 21:20
After my regular DVD shop tempted me once more with the full set of James Bond DVD's, and again with another price drop, I could no longer resist. Ordered the entire set, in a deluxe case. Only a few days later, I could pick it up at the Kiala delivery point...

Unpacking the case was not that easy: the case was heavily wrapped in plastic, put in a box, and that box put in another box, taped pretty shut.

Once unpacked, I opened up the case and discovered the 20 double-DVD's, sorted according to date of the movie, starting with Dr. No - the oldest - in the upper left corner, and finishing with Die Another Day - the newest - in the lower right corner (see picture).

The upcoming holidays   ...
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