posted on January 28th 2010, at 17:28
by lunarg
I've written an article before on how to change the outgoing SMTP port for SmartHost in Exchange 2003. Now, I have to do this again for Exchange 2007 as they've changed this procedure.

When you're unable to send e-mail directly to the internet (using MX), you probably have to set up a SmartHost to relay the e-mail for you. This is basically your ISP's SMTP server, but can be another server as well.
In certain cases, the default SMTP port (port 25) cannot be used to connect to the SmartHost, so you have to change this to something else. Gmail for instance, uses port 587 for SMTP. Other 3rd party mail services use this (or another port) as well to circumvent spam protection initiated by a lot  ...
On March 4th 2011 at 20:20, Ken Merting wrote:
Thanks for the post... I spent half the day trying to find this. My isp changed to 587 and emails stopped going out... Could not find where to change it. Once I found your post I was back in business in minutes! THANK YOU!
On March 30th 2010 at 19:10, lunarg wrote:
The sign | is called a pipe.

Depending on your keyboard language settings, it is formed differently. For International US, it's right there on the keyboard. For others, it depends strongly on the language (e.g. Belgian AZERTY: hold AltGr + 1).

One thing that does always work, is the special characters key combination (formed by holding Alt, then typing in the corresponding number using keypad). For the pipe sign, this is Alt + 0124 (hold Alt, type in 0124 and let go).
On March 30th 2010 at 14:04, kailash wrote:
on the webpage

following command has to be entered

Get-SendConnector -Identity "connector name" | Format-List

how to type the symbol mentioned before Format-list , and after "connector name"

the syntax is not clear
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