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posted on May 9th 2017, at 15:54
by lunarg
This article contains the version matrix for Microsoft SQL Server. It outlines the product and its internal version numbers, along with download links for the service packs (if any).

 RTM (no SP)SP1SP2SP3SP4SQL Server 2017     SQL Server 201613.0.1601.513.0.4001.0   SQL Server 201412.0.2000.812.0.4100.1
* 12.1.4100.1   SQL Server 201211.0.2100.6011.0.3000.0
* 11.1.3000.011.0.5058.0
* 11.2.5058.0  SQL Server 2008 R210.50.1600.110.50.2500.0
* 10.51.2500.010.50.4000.0
* 10.52.4000.010.50.6000.34
* 10.53.6000.34 SQL Server 200810.0.1600.2210.0.2531.0
* 10.1.2531.010.0.4000.0
* 10.2.4000.010.0.5500.0
* 10.3.5500.010.0.600  ...

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